Carlos Cesar Galliez

First off, I’m a Medical Doctor, with an MD degree from Escola de Medicina e Cirurgia do Rio de Janeiro - Unirio, in 1975. During my clinical training, I had the opportunity to experience two very different worlds simultaneously.

Soon after I’d entered Medical School, I began a psychoanalytical treatment and, thus, experiencing Freud’s universe (of the mind, the unconscious, the Medicine of the soul, the desire and the sexuality, and healing through words) happened concomitantly with my Medical apprenticeship of the physical body, of symptoms and illnesses, and the direct relations between cause and effect.

From this coexistence sprung my interest in the mind-body relationship and the psychosomatic disorders.

The knowledge of Homeopathy and Oriental Medicine, with their holistic conceptions of the human being, further expanded my expertise in Health. I realized illnesses are signals sent from our body which manifest themselves in several different levels. Their treatment is complex and meticulous, referring to the sick as well as to their falling sick.

In my final years through Medical School, influenced by Psychoanalysis, I chose the field of Psychotherapy for my clinical practice.