Morgenlicht has been a dream come true for Martina and Carlos Cesar,
and it was a collective creation that came into fruition.

We would like to express our sincere acknowledgements to:

Our Ancestors

Our sons and our daughter who have patiently accompanied us and still accompany us in this absorbing journey.

Those who have helped to materialize this construction, Aline Saboya Galliez, Sigrid
Willach, Eva Willach, Helmut Willach, Dorle Willach, Walter Willach, and Margot Muenster

The workers
who, over two years and two months, contributed with their labor and creativity.

Morgenlicht’s godmothers, Baixinha, Amélia Toledo, and Maria Nina Magalhães.

Our friends
who have helped us conceptualize Morgenlicht and who have offered tremendous support through rough, uncertain patches.

Our employees
who have helped, daily, to maintain this entrepreneurship alive.

Our guests
who rekindle our satisfaction in offering them the best we can.

Our coordinators, instructors and masters
who have chosen Morgenlicht to conduct their work.

Our neighbors
who have welcomed and assisted us since our arrival.

All Guides and Masters
who have helped and keep on helping us.

To Life which has blessed us with so much.

Light, Peace and Love

The pictures that have so sensitively captured Morgenlicht and that make up this book, have been a kind courtesy of Sandy Kavalier, Lore Ridings, Heloisa Helena Fontes, and José Maurício Da Justa, to whom we are deeply thankful. We’d like to wholeheartedly acknowledge “Dedé” for the design and creation of this e-book, to Eva Willach and Suzana Galliez Saboia for their translations, and to Tânia Sanglard for the "pen and ink drawing" on the Index page.


Martina Willach Galliez and Carlos Cesar Galliez